Maggie - 07/09/2008

Yvette showed me the lymphatic drainage exercises, I was fascinated but slightly sceptical. At the time I was slightly depressed and menopausal and needed a new direction.

Out of desperation I performed the exercises I was not prepared for the results.

I started to cough, as  I physically felt the fluid move around my face, neck and chest. I was perplexed and slightly anxious.

My husband asked what was I doing as each morning I was coughing, I am a non smoker and never had a morning cough in my life.

The results seem to be, I who always suffered from sinusitis have not had a single bout this winter, 1st in years. I also seem to be more in touch with the living tissue of my own body.

It feels as if I have discovered secret rivers that I can get to flow and excreted toxins from under my skin. It is a real discovery of self.

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