Miss L - 15/03/2010


I can`t believe the difference in my body and after all these years of seeing `specialists` Yvette has managed to sort me out - amazing I am just so unbelievably happy.

I initially went to Yvette after she treated my mother for her swollen leg and was so impressed with what she did for her, I wanted to see if she could help with my cellulite.

We started with treatment for cellulite but she also noticed my posture was wrong after much discussion and exercises, treatment and hard work I cannot believe I am standing up straight.

The next day after the second session, I was walking along and suddenly my lower back clicked 4 times it was so wierd but I suddenly felt right my whole body balanced out, I could stand up straight.

As a dancer my posture had always been a struggle and I knew something was wrong but no-one ever helped me until now.

I cannot thank Yvette enough - she knows her stuff and the body so well - I can now dance walk and move better than I have for years.

I feel absolutely fantastic and definately have the feel good factor - this is the best money I have ever spent and will continue to have treatments - forever!!!!!!

Although she does put me through pain I know it`s worth it, my cellulite is disappearing and my legs have changed shape - BRILLIANT!

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