Cynthia Caddell - 09/02/2010

I have to say when Doctor Heatley recommended Yvette I jumped at the chance of getting some treatment for my right lower leg, it was agony.

Whilst staying with a friend in Horsham, I had suffered Cellulitis, it was awful the worst, I had fever and the red swelling and pain of my lower leg was unbearable and now the swelling would not go away.

My friend suggested that I see Dr Heatley because I was in so much pain, he gave me antibiotics and recommended I go see Yvette for the swollen leg.

I phoned Yvette and although I couldn`t get an appointment for a few days she gave me instructions over the phone to help ease the swelling - which it did.

But NOTHING like the relief I experienced after the first treatment - it was remarkable - I could move my ankle - I could get the zip up on my ankle boots and my leg and foot felt lighter and free from the swelling.

I thanked Dr Heatley so much. I have since continued my treatment and each week the swelling went down, now I go for maintenance and Yvette is working both legs and feet, which I have to say feel so amazing after treatment.

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