Jan - 19/08/2008

Yvette hope this testimonial is ok for you – On a very down day when my personal confidence was at an all time low I took up the courage to visit Feel Good Factor (something that I had never done before).I was not seriously overweight however none of my wardrobe fitted and I hated the thought going shopping for new clothes because I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror. Having taken Yvette’s guidance in my daily exercise and diet together with a month’s intensive course I am regaining the body and enthusiasm I once had and the pounds are still slipping away. Thank you Yvette for giving me the feel good factor back again. Jan x.

After 4 weeks Jan lost 10lbs in weight 5 inches off her waist and 4 inches off her hips. She responded so well to the FG Detox Diet with increased energy levels and feeling good about herself happening within 2 days. The best of all was the inch loss around her tummy, lifting and changing her shape she now has body confidence and the continued knowledge to maintain a tight toned tummy, waist and hips. She also uses the FG Diet to get energy and feel good again. Well done Jan, very proud of your acheivement!

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