Kim - 19/08/2008

"I had met Yvette and had been ill for some time previous to this, having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but with very painful joints). I also then developed anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) and found that certain foods also made the Fibro worse.

It was after having eaten with of the foods that I had a visit to Yvette for a different treatment and was having difficulty in walking. Yvette examined me and suggested that I returned and had a lymphatic drainage massage to try to alleviate some of the symptoms.  I duly went back and after spending the best part of an hour with Yvette went home. 

The pain would normally grieve me for 2 weeks and the results of that first massage were almost instant. I was able to leave the room actually walking without too much pain and overnight found that the symptoms had reduced further. 

Also a lot of the swelling in my body had also reduced especially noticeable was the swelling in my thighs and stomach area.

I again returned to see Yvette the following day for a further massage.  The following day I did feel dreadful and was suffering with headaches and sickness.

I phoned Yvette and she advised me that this was the toxins leaving my body. From my chat with her I felt reassured and sure enough the following day I felt considerably better. 

I went on to start the Outside In program and did the lymphatic drainage massage myself after a demonstration from Yvette.  I followed this programme for 3 months and in this time lost around 3 stone in weight and went from size 24 to 18.

Better than that I no longer suffer with the Fibromyalgia or the joint pain.  I do still have the anaphylaxis and but as the medics do not know what I am allergic to I think this is something I will no have to live with.

When I have had illnesses I have reverted back to doing the Outside I massage and have found this to be of benefit."


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